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The “Longevity Stick” regimen incorporates a series of 12 movements designed to improve balance, flexibility, strength, mental focus, breathing capacity and vitality. The exercise, which is done while standing, takes its name from the only piece of equipment used in its practice – a 1-inch-thick dowel that is an inch or two longer than the practitioner's height. The exercise was created in 1981 by Mai Bac Dau, a Vietnamese citizen who survived five years in a communist concentration camp following the fall of South Viet Nam in 1975. Combining his knowledge of eastern and western medicine he combines exercising with the longevity stick with a vitality adjustment to help promote better health as well as better physical movement capabilities.Today, the exercise is practiced widely throughout Vietnam, and has spread to the U.S., France, Australia and Canada.

Longevity Stick Art has become extremly popular amoung senior citizens. It is a low impact exercise that is safe for most elderly. This art reduces the risk of injuries while performing movements to help with circulation, balance as well as breathing techniques.


Learn the Twelve Movements of Longevity Stick and the Art of Reflexive Pressure Meditation in this 75 minute DVD. Practice along with the Westminster Longevity Stick Group. Start living a longer healthier life.


The "Longevity Stick" name was given due to the belief that by performing the exercise regularly with the stick can help extend the longevity of its practitioners. Practicing with the longevity stick and participating in vitality adjustments can provide the body with the exercise and healthy eating habits the promote a healthier, longer life. Working with the longevity stick is more than simply an exercise program, rather it is a way of life that helps promote longer life.

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Longevity Stick and Reflexive Pressure Message on DVD.
Languages & Subtitles:
  • English
  • Vietnamese

  • DVD Sections:
  • Intro with Master Dau
  • Pratice with the class
  • Longevity Stick Instruction
  • Reflexive Pressure Massage
  • Closing with Master Dau

  • With this DVD you will learn all the fundamentals of Longevity Stick Art and be off to a healthier longer life.
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