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Mai Bac Dau was born in Vinh-Phu, Viet Nam in 1921. His father was an Eastern physician endowed with the knowledge of many cures handed down through many generations giving Master Dau a good opportunity to learn from his father the fundamental principles of good health, along with the wisdom of healing.

In 1950, Mai Bac Dau served in the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam during the Viet Nam War. After the fall of South Viet Nam in April of 1975 he was imprisoned and forced to do hard labor in the communist prisons so-called re-education camps.

After many years of intensive research, by using a synthesis of Eastern and Western medicine and my personal experience, especially during the five years of incarceration by the communists (where he endured hard labor and suffered from lack of food and medication), persistent exercise and faith in God saved his life.

In 1981, after being released from communist prison, Mai Bac Dau went home and developed the “Longevity Stick Art” with 12 exercises, and the self taught routine of Vitality Adjustment and Reflexive Pressure. He wrote a book that was republished four times in Vietnamese and personally taught and trained many people of different ages in the art of Longevity Stick to enable them to take better care of their health and also to prevent illness. Now, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese are still daily practicing the Art of Longevity Stick which Master Dau initiated and taught. The results are very encouraging.

In 1994, after resettling in the United States of America, he continued working with his Longevity Stick routine and Vitality Adjustment and Reflexive Pressure. Master Dau has personally taught and disseminated the art first in the city of Westminster, and later in other locations. His book, written in Vietnamese, was also re-printed for the fifth time. Over one hundred instructors are now assisting to spread this art throughout California and the United States as well as France, Canada, and Australia.

Many people, especially the elderly, are persistently practicing these exercises and the results are better than anticipated. Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and other abnormalities in physical movement, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even asthma are showing improvement.

Thank you for your interest in these two exercises: the 12 movements of Longevity Stick and the Vitality Adjustment and Reflexive Pressure exercises.

As you know, “Ki” is vital energy that builds our immune system when smoothly flowing through the body. Our health is always affected by external factors. It is also influenced by internal problems that produce weakness and imbalance of the body, or the blockage of channels and points.

Many people have regained their health while practicing persistently the Longevity Stick Art and Vitality Adjustment and Reflexive Pressure. Try to practice about 30 minutes daily. It helps everyone at any age to slow down and reduce disease. It strengthens and maintains active resistance to disease, and prevents the premature onset of old age.

However, exercising is not enough. There is also a close relationship between body and mind. This is studied in psychology, biology, love, and nutrition. Avoid any problems, because deep worry causes a tense mind. Everything in moderation and proper nutrition is also of utmost importance for the protection of our health and the prevention of disease.

We hope these Longevity Arts will help you maintain your healthy body and fine spirit.

“Health is gold Better to prevent than to treat” God bless you.

“Twelve movements of the LONGEVITY STICK, Let us train the vital force and the body, With harmonious rhythm our souls are merry, With opened points and channels our spirits are lively.

“Day after day friendly we meet, Morning after morning in peace we sing, Not being late persistently we train, In the happiness, long life we take.”

The Longevity Stick Art DVD has been released and is available thru our web site.

  "We are all Brothers and Sisters."  "God Bless You"  
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